mt4 liquidity bridge

MT4 Bridge

MT4 Bridge is an ultimate advanced-featured solution for executing MT4 broker’s clients’ trades, that allows our clients to hedge smartly.

Why to use our MT4 Bridge?

  • Fast execution
  • Ease of use

Configure solution via web UI, view & download reports with one click, connect to various LPs and set up all in one place

  • Advanced functionality

Turnkey risk management module, A/B book single trade, aggregate liquidity providers, MT4 and MT5 configuration in one place

  • Cost-effectiveness

Fixed price and no volume fees.

A-book and B-book positions with one solution according to your strategy, create unique trades routing based on various attributes. Flexible routing allows forex brokerage choosing either to hedge the trade at the liquidity provider or B-book it at the current price of the liquidity provider. Below are some of the attributes available:

  • Day of week
  • Time of day
  • Current client position
  • Account number
  • Account group
  • Symbol

Broker can also connect multiple liquidity providers to guarantee the best quality of service to their clients. Aggregation functionality will be available soon. List of supported by MetaTrader4 bridge liquidity providers can be sent on request, however we are always glad to integrate new providers.

MT4 Bridge configuration is organized via web-based control panel, so that dealing desks could easily use the solution and enjoy the opportunity to edit any parameter distantly from any device, even your phone.

The goal of UI is not only configuration, but also the reporting system. MT4 Liquidity Bridge by Brokeree Solutions allows to search and examine of all of the executed trades in the GUI.

Aggregation engine makes possible to add multiple feed and trade symbols to one MT4 symbol to aggregate liquidity and the best bid/ask will be used to generate client quotes.

Another benefit of using our Liquidity Bridge is that you are not limited to one MT4 server, instead, you can connect all of your servers to a single gateway instance and configure all the parameters in one place.

Contact us and get the detailed information about smart logic of hedging and more advantages of our solution.

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