Percent Allocation Management Module helps forex brokerages organize the investment management.

MT4 PAMM is a complex technology product with web-based UI. Solution is available both as a server plugin for the companies with full MetaTrader4 license and as a standalone application suitable for White-Labels.

These are the key advantages of our MT4 PAMM:

  • New clients attraction

Best Money Managers will become your clients as they do not have ANY trading limitations when using PAMM system.

Best Investors will become your clients to enjoy the service: view full information and trading statistics, deposit and easily withdraw funds via investor cabinet.

  • Immediate service launch

MT4 PAMM service can be launched by Forex Brokerages immediately as the solution includes both backend and frontend components, while setup takes several hours.

  • Well thought-out functionality

Zero server impact due to the product architecture, configuration in the web Administrator panel, Ratings and Statistics Module for your website and many more, comfort for each party.

Enjoy the usage of turn-key PAMM solution: Money Managers ratings on your website, full configurable by Admin statistics for PAMM Money Manager and PAMM Investor, all the data can be easily integrated in Trader’s Cabinet.

Why to use PAMM?

The main reason is stability. Working with MT4 PAMM designed by Brokeree, you can be absolutely sure, that your MT4 server is not loaded. On the contrary to Multi-Account Manager solution (or MAM plugin) that can copy thousands of trades in a second, PAMM plugin works more elaborately.

Our PAMM solution will help you attract best Money Managers at least because of flexible performance fees calculation, that won’t ruin your master’s strategy by sudden stop out, while Investor may withdraw the money from the account almost anytime.

PAMM MT4 solution allows setting various individual parameters for Investors and Money Managers accounts, changin User Interface design easily according to the preferences of Forex Brokerage, thus with our PAMM solution you can provide your clients with exclusive Percent Allocation Management Service.

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