MT4 Plugins

MT4 Bonus Manager Application

The application deposits a predefined amount of credit (bonus) to each registered client if such a value is defined for the group of registration.

MT4 Extended Agent Commission Plugin

MT4 plugin extends the standard MetaTrader 4 agent commission scheme: not only the trader’s agent receives his commission for a closed order, but also the agent’s agent, the agent’s agent’s agent etc. All the agents receive their share of the total commission which depends on the number of agents.


MT4 Extended Agent Commission Plugin Scheme

Total paid commission is 10 USD per lot. The commission each agent receives depends on the number of agents

MT4 Margin Credit Tracker Application

The application is intended to perform a credit out operation if the calculated margin level that does not include credit falls below the Stop Out or Margin Call level.

MT4 Manager Toolbox Application

The tool connects to MetaTrader4 via Manager API and calculates and display the additional live info (such as balance, equity, currently open volume, etc) for all the clients based on the defined timeframe.
Alerts may be configured when “equity / deposit %” exceeds a defined value.

MT4 Advanced Stopouts Plugin

MT4 plugin overrides the default stopout behavior of MT4.
MetaTrader 4 notifies the plugin that there’s a stopout and the plugin just opens a hedge trade or performs other actions defined in the configuration.
In the MT4 plugin configuration it is possible to define (per each configuration) the groups and accounts that have to be processed, custom stopout level, MT4 stopout behavior (hedge or close), etc.

MT4 Agent Deposit Rewards plugin

The purpose of the tool is to reward agents if deposit sum for his clients meets the monthly goal. The reward amount is split among the agents in the chain according to the distribution rule.


  • Agent receives $100 if at least $5,000 is deposited by his clients last month;
  • Agent receives $500 if at least $50,000 is deposited by his clients last month.

MT4 Custom Margin Plugin

MT4 plugin alters the way MetaTrader4 calculates margin for each trade.

Custom Margin tool changes the margin rate value defined in each trade to make margin equal to the maximum loss for the trade. Maximum loss is defined by the client via Stop Loss price.

MT4 Custom Leverage Plugin

The plugin updates the margin calculation rate based on custom leverage rules set up in the plugin settings.