MetaTrader4 Social Trading solution

MT4 Social Trading Solution

Social Trading Plugin, Trader/Investor Cabinet and Ratings & Statistics Module

Organise a social trading system within your MetaTrader server that will allow to copy trades from one trader to another based on subscriptions, all in one solution: Social Trading Plugin for MT4 Brokers, Trader/Investor Cabinet and Ratings & Statistics Module.

  • New clients attraction
  • Immediate service launch
  • Well thought-out functionality
    • Variety of Copying Modes

Based on equity, based on free margin, copying with multiplicator and others

    • Ratings & Statistics Module for the Website

Customizable Ratings Module for the Website can be additionally provided, so that the potential subscribers could view and compare performance of the public Master accounts. Traders can view detailed trading and performance statistics available as informative and transparent dynamic charts and tables

    • Cabinet for Traders and Subscribers

Cabinet is easily integrable into the Traders Room as widgets.

More information about Social Trading Plugin, Cabinet and Ratings&Statistics Module is on our short video.