20 Sep, 2017
MT5 Extended Agent Commissions Plugin
EAC plugin img

This useful plugin is a vast improvement on the original MetaTrader commission scheme because it ensures a customizable algorithm wherein the commission received by each agent directly depends on the total number of agents in the chain. With Brokeree’s EAC plugin, brokers can choose to configure a reward scheme based on % of spread, the sum per lot or trade, and other options. As a result, all agents in the trading chain are guaranteed a proportionate share of profits.

The MetaTrader 5 platform is the direct successor of the popular MT4 popular trading platform. Today, more and more forex brokers are choosing to take their business to the next level by upgrading to an enhanced MT5 admin or manager account.

Brokeree sees the need for creating more MetaTrader 5 compatible plugins, apps, and tools, which is why our list of MT5 solutions is always growing. MT5 brokers rely on Brokeree for innovative solutions that set them apart from the competition in today’s saturated market.

You can learn about all of Brokeree’s MT5 compatible solutions by contacting sales@brokeree.com.

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