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Intivion’s AltimaCRM integrates with Brokeree Solutions

Brokeree Solutions announced the integration of its new Prop Pulse with Intivion’s AltimaCRM – a specialist in customer relationship management (CRM) systems tailored for brokers.

With this integration, brokers may experience Intivion’s comprehensive AltimaCRM with Brokeree’s new Prop Pulse product, designed specifically for prop trading operations. Thus, brokers and traders’ funding firms could launch prop trading services by combining features of two innovative platforms and building a full-customer journey system that takes traders from the registration form to a scalable funded phase.

Entering the fintech space in 2006, Intivion Technologies provides bespoke Forex CRM solutions to the brokerage industry. Its flagship CRM solution, AltimaCRM is a powerful customer relationship management suite tailored to the specific needs of FX brokers. With a flexible infrastructure, AltimaCRM allows brokers to increase lead conversion and improve operational efficiency front-to-back.

Brokeree’s Prop Pulse is a new turnkey platform created to cover the account management needs of brokers looking to launch prop trading services. This solution, created by a team of experts in investment system development, allows brokers and prop firms to set up unlimited multi-step challenges for traders’ evaluation and scouting. Like other Brokeree’s flagship products, Prop Pulse has a user-friendly web UI, which conveniently presents traders’ progress and statistics as interactive infographics and tables. To provide admins with wider flexibility, the solution gives brokers customizable objectives and constraints for every step in the challenge.  

AltimaCRM has approached the deep integration methodology for the Prop Pulse system. All the components of the Prop Pulse system will be managed from within the AltimaCRM system, wherein, challenges can be managed & tracked from the system UI, and even the traders’ statistics are available from within the CRM. Thus, brokers’ team members have a seamless experience without needing to log in to 2 different systems. 

“We’re thrilled to join hands with Brokeree Solutions. This partnership marks an important milestone for both our companies, bringing us closer to our common goal: empowering brokers to generate new income streams and scale faster across verticals,” said Prasad, CPO at Intivion. “As we continue to develop AltimaCRM, more exciting upgrades will follow in the near future. The prop trading integration is only the beginning of an amazing journey ahead,” Prasad continued.

“This collaboration between Brokeree Solutions and Intivion Technologies signifies the appearance of a new even more straightforward way for brokers and traders’ funding firms to launch prop trading services. Now they may access both AltimaCRM and Brokeree’s Prop Pulse system within a single portal,” stated Victor Ivanov, EMEA Regional Head of Business Development at Brokeree Solutions. “This deep integration presents brokers with a streamlined approach, complementing Prop Pulse’s account management efficiency with the capabilities of Intivion’s AltimaCRM. The result is a comprehensive environment where brokers can manage their operations seamlessly”.

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