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Brokeree Solutions Wins “Most Reliable Copy Trading Platform” at FinanceFeeds Awards 2023

The inaugural FinanceFeeds Awards 2023 started in June, recognizing leading industry players across four prominent categories: Brokers & Exchanges, Institutional, Crypto, and Fintech & Payments. The results were announced on the 3rd of August.

As the turnkey technology provider for multi-asset brokers, Brokeree Solutions participated in the Fintech category, where it was named the provider of the most reliable copy trading platform for its’ Social Trading solution.

Brokeree’s Social Trading is a high-grade copy trading platform extending brokers’ offers and increasing signal sharing services. Bolstered by its user-friendly interface, the platform offers users diverse copying modes, advanced filters, and cutting-edge risk-management tools. Thus, the solution allows investors  to accurately configure their investment strategies, whether they’re acting as followers or signal providers.

The most innovative features of Brokeree’s flagship Social Trading solution are presented in its unique cross-server functionality. Seamlessly facilitating real-time trading signal sharing across different MT4/MT5 servers, the platform unites all clients of brokers into a unified signal investing pool. This approach eliminates technological limitations, ensuring subscribers can seamlessly follow the strategies of favorite traders.

In addition to its investor-centric features, Social Trading equips administrators and other brokerage team members with dedicated portals. These portals provide monitoring and configuration of trading conditions per symbols, groups, and specific accounts through an intuitive user interface. Notably, the solution incorporates the powerful Ratings Module, which empowers brokers to effortlessly add interactive widgets showcasing users’ trading statistics to the website. This tool not only highlights the best providers but can also be applied to launch trading competitions.

“Since its initial release, Brokeree Social Trading has undergone a remarkable evolution. Through collaborating with hundreds of brands over the years, we have fine-tuned and optimized the solution for scalability, accommodating the needs of startup brands to large international enterprises”, commented Andrey Kamyshanov, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Brokeree Solutions.

“The continuous expansion of features, relentless improvement, and the acquisition of new knowledge and skills have transformed the product to such an extent that the first and the current versions  can almost be seen as two different products. Our team’s dedication to honing our expertise in this specific area has been pivotal in enabling the continuous development of this cutting-edge technology. Winning the FinanceFeeds Awards 2023 for the “Most Reliable Social Trading Solution” is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in serving forex and multi-asset brokerages.”

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