Metatrader maintenance

As a business grows, all seemingly insignificant nuances may crash trading servers, and even industry leaders cannot escape such issues. To minimize the potential impact of such oversight, we offer a MetaTrader Maintenance service that ensures your trading infrastructure is up and running. Under the service package, our specialists run various maintenance tasks every week for you, including:

  • Weekly trading server log audits;
  • Trade database optimization;
  • Setup and full configuration of MetaTrader servers.
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Technical consultation

Only a few business problems have simple and straightforward solutions, the majority require rather sophisticated setups. Technical consultation is a convenient way for brokers to receive reliable information about MetaTrader configuration in a timely manner. Ask your question or use suggested topics, such as:

In-house risk management:

  • How to mitigate risks during uncertain market conditions?
  • How to configure Stop-out and Margin-call levels for efficient risk management?

Liquidity aggregation and market data:

  • Why should brokers use quote feeds?
  • Solutions for automating symbol management processes. (swaps, synthetic symbols);
  • Why is it important to filter spikes and market drops?

Advanced MetaTrader platform configuration:

  • What should brokers know before configurations of MetaTrader cluster?
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Software development

  • 01 Research
    During this stage, we gather feedback from various sources, such as new feature/solution requests from our clients, the market overview from our business development team, or suggestions from our support engineers. This approach ensures that an added functionality covers other probable scenarios that may come with it.
  • 02 Development
    Communication is key when it comes to developing robust products. Our development team constantly exchanges ideas to work out the best possible solution before, during, and after the actual development. Every product update then goes through an extensive quality assurance process, including manual, automated, and UI tests. By the end of the development cycle, it’s highly unlikely that something is missed or left out.
  • 03 Support
    Once the product is shipped out, our sales and support teams work tirelessly to ensure that clients fully understand how to achieve their desired setup. Whenever a major solution update is released,  we commit ourselves to help clients seamlessly migrate to the latest version and keep up with all new features.
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Platform Setup

Correct platform setup is one of the most important projects for any brokerage, as all operations rely on stable and efficient trading server performance. With almost a decade of experience in installing and configuring  the platform, we ensure that clients’ infrastructure is ready for business growth. As part of our services, we offer:

  • Full MetaTrader cluster setup, including live, demo, backup servers;
  • Initial configuration of groups and symbol settings;
  • Server security checks.
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MetaTrader Server Migration

Server migration may quickly become an overwhelming project, especially when migrating between MetaTrader 4 and 5, which often requires modifying a dataset for the new trading platform. To help overcome this challenge, our specialists ensure a seamless transition by moving all requested data to a new server and making any necessary adjustments, including:

  • Installation of MetaTrader cluster, including live, demo, backup servers;
  • Complete transfer of groups, symbols, swaps, commissions and other settings;
  • Bulk updates of settings according to clients’ needs.
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