Other MT4/MT5 Plugins & Apps

Manager Toolbox

Brokeree’s Manager Toolbox is an informative MetaTrader 4 platform extension which uses Manager API to help forex brokers calculate and display additional live info about their clients based on a predetermined timeframe. Sources of information include balance, equity, currently open volume, and more. The toolbox extension supports alerts, which may be configured when “equity / deposit %” exceeds a specific defined value.

Margin Credit Tracker

Brokeree’s Margin Credit Tracker application is a useful MetaTrader 4 platform extension that allows brokers to perform a credit out operation if the calculated margin level (excluding credit) falls below the stop out or margin call level.

Advanced Stopouts

Brokeree’s Advanced Stopouts plugin allows forex brokers to choose the perfect stopout course of action for their business, by letting them override the default stopout behavior of their MT4 Administrator platform. Whenever a MetaTrader 4 server notifies the extension that there has been a stopout, the Advanced Stopouts plugin automatically opens a hedge trade or performs other preconfigured actions. With this flexible MT4 plugin, it is possible to define the groups and accounts that have to be processed, custom stopout levels, MT4 stopout behavior, and more.

Custom Margin Plugin

Brokeree’s Custom Margin plugin enables brokers to alter the way MetaTrader4 calculates margin for each trade. With the help of this tool, MT4 administrators have the ability to change the margin rate value defined in each trade, making it equal to the maximum loss for the trade. Maximum loss is defined by the client via their stop loss price.

Custom Leverage Plugin

Brokeree’s Custom Leverage plugin allows forex brokers to update margin calculation rates based on personalized leverage rules set up the plugin user settings. Brokers have the opportunity to set custom leverage for any group-symbol mask pair.