Trade Copier Plugin

Brokeree’s MT4 Trade Copier plugin allows brokers to copy trades from source accounts and groups to target ones with applicable MetaTrader4 parameters, such as margins, volume, prices, etc. The Trade Copier plugin was created to be used internally by MT4 licensed brokerage companies and doesn’t have an external web interface.

Key Advantages

Brokeree’s Trade Copier plugin has immense configuration capabilities, allowing brokers to replace several copying tools with just one Trade Copier plugin by Brokeree.

MT4 licensed brokers can enjoy the flexibility of having numerous adjustable modes, such as the volume multiplier, commission value, pending order, reversed copying modes, and many more all in one Trade Copier plugin solution.

The Trade Copier plugin is compatible with almost any MT4 liquidity bridge and virtual dealer software, ensuring that the bridge or dealer confirm copied trades before execution.

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