MT4 Virtual Dealer Plugin

Brokeree’s MT4 Virtual Dealer plugin enhances MetaTrader 4 platform technology by acting as a human dealer that confirms and rejects client trade requests, processes SL & TP triggers, pending order activations, stop outs, and more.

Our handy MT4 Virtual Dealer plugin and application are the perfect solutions for fully licensed forex brokers as well as white labels who are looking to organize and improve their b-book management process.

MT4 Virtual Dealer img
Key Advantages


  • The Brokeree MT4 Virtual Dealer plugin allows brokers to avoid cheaters and scalpers, enabling increased profits through smart trade processing.
  • Both the MT4 Virtual Dealer plugin and the standalone application are easily configurable through a simple clear-cut user panel with adjustable settings.
  • Brokers benefit from various execution rules, which allow them to user their MT4 Virtual Dealer plugin to configure delay periods for certain accounts and groups, tune slippage, and modify other parameters.