MT4/MT5 Ratings and Statistics module is used to promote PAMM, MAM, Social Trading Solutions by forex brokers

It is no secret that complex solutions such as PAMM, MAM, and Social Trading are sophisticated products with unique complexities and specifics that go hand in hand with implementation. Many require special licenses, while others need large servers and more hands-on control. However, it is rather uncommon for brokers to use these solutions to their full potential without a Ratings and Statistics Module.

Brokeree’s Ratings and Statistics Module is a separate web interface that allows forex brokers to display the trading statistics of their best traders and money managers. It is hard to imagine a brokerage that provides money management services and does not have visual data representation of traders’ performance on their website. As intuitive and straightforward as this solution may seem, it is far from being a simple website widget.

What makes the Ratings and Statistics Module such a powerful instrument to have in your toolbox?

  • If you are already providing money management services to your clients, it is a quick and seamless integration with the MT4/MT5 PAMM and MT4/MT5 Social Trading solutions.
  • The module has a powerful calculation engine which includes a multitude of financial formulas and equations, ensuring that the information displayed to website visitors is accurate, informative, and provides all the necessary data to accurately assess trading and investment results.
  • The solution is a great way to increase sign-ups for services and to improve brokerage transparency by displaying the trading history of your most successful traders and money managers.

The solutions’ design can be reconfigured by means of CSS to incorporate your company’s unique brand style, making sure that web visitors get the best user experience when browsing statistics and choosing which strategy to follow (MT4/MT5 Social Trading) or which PAMM account to invest in (MT4/MT5 PAMM).

You can request a demo presentation for Brokeree’s Ratings and Statistics module as well as our PAMM and Social Trading solutions by sending an email to sales@brokeree.com or by using Live Chat on our website.

Get MT5 PAMM via MetaTrader 5 App Store

The MetaTrader 5 App Store is a trusted platform for forex turnkey solution providers, so we are excited to announce that Brokeree’s PAMM software is now available at the store. With the release of the MT5 admin update, brokers can now order forex tech solutions from trusted tech providers straight from the App Store.

The demand for money management services such as MT4/MT5 MAM, PAMM, and LAMM is continuously growing in China and other Asian countries. This trend is due to the arrival of global finance firms to the Asian market, as well as the recent market-changing reforms. Brokeree’s MT5 PAMM is optimized for high trading volumes through advanced fund aggregation. As a result, the solution does not interfere with server performance and provides no trading limitations for money managers.

Brokeree’s MT5 PAMM is compatible with EMIR reporting standards via MySQL data. Investor reports are generated via the web portal and the displayed data can easily be configured by money managers or administrators.

Learn more about MT5 PAMM or request a demo presentation via sales@brokeree.com

Percentage allocation management module for MetaTrader 5

It’s no secret that forex brokers can achieve continuous business growth through client attraction and increased trading volumes. One of the best ways to stimulate development on both fronts is to offer organized money management services to customers, e.g. MT4/MT5 MAM or PAMM. Brokeree’s new PAMM solution for MetaTrader 5 allows brokers to set up their own money management service within several days without any additional development required by broker.

The system is fully optimized for scaling and will not hinder server performance. With MT5 PAMM, administrators, money managers, and investors can easily configure, monitor, and invest with the help of user-friendly web portals. The advanced Ratings & Statistics Module elevates the MT5 PAMM solution with public trading performance statistics. The module can be used to promote the service to traders, allowing them to invest in a PAMM account of their choice in just a couple of clicks. Read more about MT5 PAMM software here.

“Brokeree PAMM has been released to help MetaTrader 5 brokers organize asset management,” explains Mr. Andrey Kamyshanov, CEO of Brokeree Solutions. “We have taken into consideration a number of factors when developing the solution, such as performance, scalability, flexibility and end-customer orientation. We have created a robust solution allowing brokers to launch the money management service within a week without any extra effort.”

You can read the whole press release on the MetaQuotes website here.

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Brokeree MT5 tech solutions for forex brokers at iFX EXPO

The Brokeree team has recently returned from the iFX EXPO 2018 Cyprus event, eager to share the highlights of the conference. The anticipated forex event gathered over 4500 industry professionals, resulting in a comfortable environment for business development and networking.

iFX EXPO 2018 in Cyprus – The forex industry largest B2B conference

Throughout the course of three days, the Brokeree team had plenty of opportunity to meet with both current and potential clients and partners, as well as attend a variety of interesting event workshops and panel discussions. During these sessions, attendees gained a deeper understanding of the recent changes in regulations: MiFID II reporting, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as forex/crypto online advertising processes. The rapid development of blockchain technologies led to a number of discussions about the differences between digital asset trading and traditional financial instrument trading.

The recent release of a new back-office MetaTrader 5 analytics update by MetaQuotes sparked even more interest in the platform. In response, technology providers presented an assertive portfolio of plugins and solutions for MetaTrader 5. Brokeree’s growing list of MT5 solutions was among them: see more on our MetaTrader 5 marketplace page.

Brokeree Solutions’ Workshop: “Benefit from Providing Money Management Services”

For the first time, Brokeree held a workshop called: “Benefit from Providing Money Management Services”. CEO Andrey Kamyshanov and Head of Business Development Elizaveta Nikitina took to the stage to discuss various strategies for brokers planning to gain a technological leg up on the competition. The workshop covered the following topics:

  • Main criteria to consider, when choosing the right technology;
  • The key differences between PAMM, MAM, and social trading software.
    Including the benefits and drawbacks of MT4/MT5 PAMM, MT4/MT5 Social Trading Solution software, MT4/MT5 MAM plugin, and other trade copying systems (such as cross-broker social trading software).
  • Common challenges of organizing money management systems;
  • How regulations affect the choice of particular features;
  • Promotion of money management services to end-users (investors, traders, money managers);

As a result, workshop attendees learned how to attract target audiences, appeal to their existing client base, as well as find solutions for brokers that meet the unique technical requirements of their business. Brokeree is a forex turnkey solutions provider that caters to brokers of any size. Our MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 plugins, including MT4/MT5 PAMM and MT4/MT5 Social Trading, give forex brokers the technological means necessary to implement and promote fully functional money management and social trading services. Learn more about Brokeree’s workshop and different money management services by requesting a presentation via sales@brokeree.com.

The Brokeree team wishes to express our sincerest gratitude to all the organizers and attendees of the iFX EXPO 2018 Cyprus event. To our current and potential clients and partners – thank you for stopping by our booth; it was a pleasure to meet you all. We can’t wait to see you at the next industry event!
Ask about any of our products and services by contacting us at sales@brokeree.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Money management workshop by Brokeree Solutions

What: “How to benefit by providing money management service”

When: 23rd of May at 4:45 pm

Where: Workshop room in Spyros Kyprianou Centre, Polemidia, Limassol 3080, Cyprus

The CEO of Brokeree Solutions, Andrey Kamyshanov and the Head of Business Development, Elizaveta Nikitina, will explore all the advantages and challenges that come along with money management systems. Main differences of PAMM, MAM and Social Trading will be discussed as well as a variety of marketing tactics used for promotion.

The workshop will cover in detail the related topics of money management services, allowing the guests to have a good understanding of what solutions fit their brokerage better. In addition, our team will discuss the aspect of regulations, in order to give an overview of what type of solutions are compliant with which regulations. Once the specifics are clearly defined, the guests will bring up various challenges that brokers may face, when organizing the money management systems under certain regulations, and how to deal with them.

Don’t miss the chance to attend the workshop and get to know the insights on how to increase the profitability of your company.

Interested in our money management technology services? Request demo or schedule a meeting with us at the event via sales@brokeree.com

iFX EXPO International 2018