Brokeree Solutions integrated with TradeTech Alpha

Brokeree Solution integrated with TradeTech Alpha

We are proud to announce that TradeTech Alpha’s liquidity offering is now available via a direct integration with Brokeree Liquidity Bridge. Liquidity Bridge is a stand-alone turnkey tech solution, which contains a sophisticated risk management module, smart liquidity aggregation, and advanced order execution.

“More traders are looking for ECN brokers, meaning that demand for efficient liquidity is ever-growing. Direct integration of Brokeree Bridge with TradeTech Alpha ensures constant and secure connection to prime liquidity and fast execution with no latency. The cooperation with TradeTech Group allows forex brokers to access industry-leading liquidity on thousands of products. We offer zero volume fees to provide forex brokers with the cost-effective solution that empowers them for growth while also allowing them to predict their expense base.”, says Andrey Kamyshanov, CEO of Brokeree Solutions.

TradeTech Group, the financial division of Playtech (LSE: PTEC), has the largest balance sheet and widest range of OTC liquidity: FX, CFD, Individual equities and financial Spread Betting derivatives, in total 6,000+ instruments. Inside of TradeTech Group there two firms that are providing bespoke execution and clearing services to the financial brokerage community – CFH clearing and TradeTech Alpha, both are FCA regulated and UK based.

“The TradeTech Group is constantly looking to find different ways to bring our partner network, and the industry as a whole, more access points to our unique liquidity value proposition. Our API stack allows the technologist to integrate their product directly into our Core and consequently we can then offer their product to our partner network, and also our products to their partner network. There is no other provider in the liquidity space that offers as many products as TradeTech Group along with a balance like Playtech which equals almost the whole rest of the industry combined. We should be everyone’s first choice as a result regardless of firm size, public or private.”, added Muhammad Rasoul, The Director of the TradeTech Group. “I think many of our partners will be able to use this technology to help with their client acquisition numbers and increase activity in their active and dormant customer segments. We are really excited and proud to partner with a reliable tech firm such as Brokeree.”

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Request a demo of Brokeree Bridge with TradeTech Alpha liquidity by contacting us via email on or by using the Live Chat on our website.