Key Advantages

Functional Web UI

  • Brokeree’s MT4/MT5 Bridge software includes a clear, fast, and concise web user interface that allows forex brokers to connect to multiple liquidity providers, configure settings, download reports, and much more.
  • The sleek web-based control panel gives brokers and dealing desks the opportunity to edit user parameters distantly from any device.
  • The market watch feature allows administrators to monitor all liquidity provider quotes and view market depth per symbol.


  • Brokeree’s MT4/MT5 Bridge has a flexible routing system that allows brokers to choose between hedging client trades at a liquidity provider or b-booking trades at the current price of the LP according to predetermined attributes (e.g. by day, time, client position, account number, account group, and symbol).
  • Brokers are not limited to just one MT4/MT5 server. Instead, they have the option to connect all of their servers to a single gateway instance and configure all parameters in one place.

Advanced Functionality

  • The turnkey risk management module allows forex brokers to A/B book single trades, aggregate liquidity providers, as well as configure MT4 and MT5 servers all in one place.
  • Brokeree’s Liquidity Bridge has an advanced aggregation engine, making it possible to add multiple feed and trade symbols to one MT4 symbol for precise liquidity aggregation. As a result, the best bids/asks are incorporated in the client quote generation process.


  • When using Brokeree’s bridge solution package, forex brokers have the ability to connect to multiple liquidity providers, ensuring their clients receive the best quality service.
  • The reporting system includes advanced search functionality, allowing easy navigation through past trade executions in the MetaTrader Liquidity Bridge UI.


  • Brokeree’s Liquidity Bridge is a cost-effective solution with a guaranteed fixed price and no additional volume fees.


  • The Brokeree support team works around the clock to help forex brokers install,configure, customize, and maintain their MT4/MT5 Bridge solution.

Integrated Liquidity Providers


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Use LMAX Exchange services to enrich your offer with a high-grade market structure and efficient execution.

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Use the XTRD integration with Liquidity Bridge to enrich your offer with more financial instruments and provide price streaming on a trading platform.

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What is a liquidity bridge?

Brokeree’s Liquidity Bridge is a comprehensive product that acts as a connector and quotes aggregator between several MetaTrader platforms and liquidity providers. The solution is especially useful while operating multiple quotes or market data sources and allows brokers to create a flexible execution model. 

Why is it necessary for brokers?

Unlike gateways, the more simple tools to connect the liquidity provider, the Liquidity bridge may aggregate quotes from several sources simultaneously, providing the most profitable trading conditions for brokers and their clients. The solution also has some inbuilt risk management tools that may ensure the stable performance of the trading platform in case of technical issues with some liquidity providers.


Moreover, being the intermediator in the execution chain, Liquidity Bridge also provides brokers with extensive reports that may be detailed, for example, per liquidity provider, user group, or trading symbol. 

What is liquidity aggregation?

Without aggregation, a specific liquidity provider may not have enough volume at the requested price, which results in a worse executed price for the client. By aggregating liquidity from several sources, brokers ensure that clients’ orders are filled on the market with the best trading conditions. The flexible functionality of the Liquidity bridge provides brokers with the ability to accurately configure the execution model based on the quotes from multiple liquidity providers. 

What is a liquidity provider?

A liquidity provider is a financial institution that acts as an intermediary between the market and market participants like brokers and provides them with access to the market data, quotes, and assets to trade. A liquidity bridge is a technological solution that is designed to connect a MetaTrader platform and liquidity providers. 

Other tools connect a trading platform to the LP, but only the bridge allows brokers to simultaneously connect to several providers, generate combined DoM, achieve narrow spreads, and configure the execution model.  

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