Key Advantages

Smart liquidity aggregation

Connect multiple Liquidity Providers

Liquidity Bridge simultaneously connects several liquidity providers to the trading platform, ensuring aggregation of receiving data. This way, brokers may achieve the best trading conditions for their clients, providing them with the tightest spreads and enticing prices.

Depth of Market (DoM) feature

Receiving prices from several liquidity providers, Bridge aggregates quotes and presents them via the Market Watch widget, so brokers may easily evaluate the trading conditions per specific symbol.

The Depth of Market feature provides brokers with detailed information about prices and volumes available for trades. It is especially useful to finetune brokers’ risk management strategy during uncertain market conditions and make informed decisions.

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Symbols and Markup

Symbol mapping

If the brokers use liquidity from several sources, some symbols might have multiple providers attached, and others might only have one or two. This solution offers brokers symbol mapping functionality to correctly set up liquidity aggregation and connect all quotes to one symbol.


Liquidity Bridge allows brokers to configure markup on the level of the liquidity management solution, sending to the trading platform already adjusted quotes. 

Best prices

After smart liquidity aggregation, symbol mapping and markup configuration, brokers may experience the depth of liquidity from multiple providers, offering clients excellent trading conditions even during market fluctuation periods.

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Trading platform

Connectivity of multiple servers

Connect multiple trading servers

With the Liquidity Bridge, brokers are not limited to just one trading server. Instead, they can connect all their servers to a single liquidity management platform and configure all parameters in one place.

For example, brokers who use several MetaTrader platforms may connect several providers, trading servers into the united trading system:

Integrated Trading Platforms

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is most commonly associated with forex trading. It can be used to trade various markets including forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, and commodities, via CFDs. Read more about solutions for MetaTrader 4.

MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 is the latest generation of MetaTrader platforms. Key features of MT5 include web trading, algorithmic trading, mobile trading, and professional technical analysis. Read more about solutions for MetaTrader 5.

DXtrade CFD

DXtrade CFD provides brokers’ clients with trading on the go, real-time portfolio monitoring, market data streaming, risk management, and news.


cTrader is a leading multi-asset Forex and CFD trading platform, offering rich charting tools, advanced order types, level II pricing, and fast entry and execution.

Trading platform

Onboarding and tech support

Onboarding includes the installation of the solution in the broker’s demo environment and a series of presentations to go over the features of the solution to achieve the required brokers’ setup.

A customer success team, tech support team, and BDM work closely with a broker upon their requests to ensure  smooth and efficient operations.

Besides support services, Brokeree Solutions provides clients with consultations and maintenance packages.

Integrated Liquidity Providers


Ausprime provides brokers, hedge funds, and other clients with prime of liquidity services. The company acts as a B2B prime broker that fits the financial regulatory framework of different regions through the MiFID II and CySEC licenses. 

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LMAX Exchange provides a high-grade market structure and efficient execution to different stakeholders: trading firms, brokerages, funds, banks,etc. The company acts as an FCA-regulated multilateral trading facility and operates with various trading instruments, including FX, metals, commodities, and indices.

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XTRD is an orders and execution management system (OEMS) for digital asset trading, providing institutional stakeholders with low-latency and high-throughput execution.

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Brokeree Solutions Integrates Its Liquidity Bridge with cTrader

Brokeree Solutions has enhanced its offerings by integrating its flagship liquidity management solution, Liquidity Bridge, with cTrader, a trading platform developed by Spotware Systems. It is the first partnership between the two companies.

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Advanced Markets Joins Forces with Brokeree Solutions

Advanced Markets, a trusted provider of institutional-grade liquidity, technology, and credit solutions for the forex market, has joined forces with Brokeree Solutions, a developer of comprehensive technology solutions for multi-asset brokers.

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Brokeree Solutions Integrates Its Flagship Liquidity Bridge with Match-Prime Liquidity

Brokeree Solutions – a developer of turnkey technology solutions for multi-asset brokers announced an integration with Match-Prime, forex and CFD liquidity provider, authorised and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

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Brokeree’s flagship Liquidity Bridge integrates with XTRD

Solutions developer for multi-asset brokers Brokeree today announced that its Liquidity Bridge will integrate with XTRD, an orders and execution management system (OEMS) for digital asset trading with a focus on low-latency and high-throughput execution.

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Brokeree Solutions Announces Integration of Its Liquidity Bridge with DXtrade CFD Trading Platform

Brokeree Solutions, a turnkey solutions developer for multi-asset brokers, has announced its Liquidity Bridge's integration with DXtrade's CFD trading platform. DXtrade is Devexperts' flagship trading platform for FX, CFD, and cryptocurrency brokers.

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What is a liquidity bridge?

Brokeree’s Liquidity Bridge is a comprehensive product that acts as a connector and quotes aggregator between several trading platforms and liquidity providers. The solution is especially useful while operating multiple quotes or market data sources. It also allows brokers to accurately configure the execution model, combining the advantages of a-book, b-book, and hybrid models. 


Why is it beneficial for brokers? Liquidity Gateway vs Liquidity Bridge

Unlike the more simple tools to connect the liquidity provider – liquidity gateways, the Liquidity bridge may simultaneously aggregate quotes from several sources, providing the most profitable trading conditions for brokers and their clients. 

The solution also has some inbuilt risk management tools that may ensure the stable performance of the trading platform in case of technical issues with some liquidity providers.

Moreover, being the intermediator in the execution chain, Liquidity Bridge also provides brokers with extensive reports that may be detailed, for example, per liquidity provider, user group, or trading symbol. 

What is liquidity aggregation?

By aggregating liquidity from several sources, brokers ensure clients’ orders are filled on the market with the best trading conditions. The flexible functionality of the Liquidity bridge allows brokers to accurately configure the execution model based on the quotes from multiple liquidity providers. 

Without aggregation, a specific liquidity provider may not have enough volume at the requested price, which results in a worse executed price for the client. 

What is a liquidity provider?

A liquidity provider is a financial institution that acts as an intermediary between the market and market participants, like brokers. It gives them access to market data, quotes, and assets to trade. A liquidity bridge is a technological solution designed to connect a MetaTrader platform and liquidity providers. 

Other tools connect a trading platform to the LP, but only the bridge allows brokers to simultaneously connect to several providers, generate combined DoM, achieve narrow spreads, and configure the execution model. 

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