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Introducing New Ratings Module

Ratings Module v4 is a solution that collects trading history, calculates performance indicators, and displays it via interactive dashboards. It is especially suitable for brokers who organize traders’ competitions or provide their clients with investment systems such as PAMM or Social Trading.

The main goal for creating new Ratings Module v4 was to find a balance between unprecedented customization capabilities and a simple interface. We listen closely to our clients and see that interactive, colorful and attractive solutions simply mean more business for brokers. The latest update helps us unveil the true potential of the product.

Elina Bagautdinova, Managing Partner at Brokeree Solutions.

When connecting to the server, Ratings Module v4 gets access to individual trading histories of traders and calculates performance indicators set by the administrator. Further, with the help of customizable widgets, statistics can be displayed on the broker’s website or other applications, like CRM, clients’ areas, or mobile apps.

There are three key advantages of Ratings Module v4:

  • Instant processing:
    All required corrections can be done right from the administrator panel so brokers can more conveniently delegate the tasks of customizing widgets constantly changing the server-side components or restarting the solutions.
  • Customization:
    Administrators may customize colors through the palette,add avatars and award “badges” to traders. For instance, every signal provider exceeding a certain number of followers can be considered as «popular».
  • Ready-made templates:
    Rating Module v4 offers brokers three templates for displaying trader statistics via widgets: cards, rows, and tables ,to easily add, replace, and modify displayed data. Once widgets are created, switching between its form takes only a few clicks.

To help traders navigate through the ratings of their peers or available money managers, brokers may add custom filtering options. This way traders may sort the list by country, risk of their trading strategies, profitability, or any other chosen indicator.

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