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Brokeree Solutions introduces Synthetic Feed

Brokeree Solutions has released a new plugin that enables brokers to generate customized quotes based on original market data. Synthetic Feed is a useful tool for brokers who operate with MetaTrader 4 and 5 and want to provide clients access to unique trading instruments.

MT4/5 Synthetic Feed receives ticks for original symbols and processes them via available calculation types: formulas or indices. The difference between these two methods is that formulas allow brokers to customize quotes using math operations like addition, subtraction, and multiplication, while indices operate with coefficients. After all  the calculations are done, the new quote is pushed to the custom symbol and becomes available for trading for all users.

Synthetic Feed functionality is especially useful when a broker needs:

  • To create a synthetic symbol from MetaTrader symbols. The plugin can multiply original ticks creating micro and mini symbols. E.g., BTC USD → BTC USD.micro;
  • To make price-weighted indices. The plugin allows grouping quotes of several symbols with specified coefficients into the new symbol. E.g., CRYPTO = BTCUSD * 0.70 + ETHUSD * 0.30;
  • To add currency conversions. There are some exotic pairs that a liquidity provider may not operate with. To create a symbol for such pairs, Synthetic Feed allows converting different currencies. E.g., RURBYN = USDRUB * USDBYN.

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