Extended Agent Commissions

Brokeree’s MT4/MT5 Extended Agent Commissions plugin greatly improves the original MetaTrader commission scheme by ensuring that all agents in the chain receive their fair share of profits. With this useful plugin, brokers can attract new clients by giving them the chance to become successful agents in an unlimited chain of traders.

In the example below we see that the total paid commission is 10 USD per lot. The commission each agent receives depends on the number of agents.

Key Advantages

  • The commission each agent receives directly depends on the number of agents in the chain. Brokeree’s Extended Agent Commissions plugin ensures that not only the trader’s agent but also the agent’s agent’s (etc.) agent receives their proportionate share of the profits.

  • With Brokeree's EAC plugin, brokers can choose to configure a reward scheme based on percentage of spread, specified amount of money per lot or trade, and other options.