Ratings & Statistics Module

Today, forex brokers that hope to attract clients to their website need to provide traders with a way to base their financial investments on a combination of established trader ratings, statistics, and trends.

Brokeree’s Ratings & Statistics Module is designed to promote your unique brokerage brand, bring visitors to your website, and generate new sign ups for services such as PAMM, Social Trading, and more. The module displays elaborate data about specified traders and investors, improving your company’s transparency in the eyes of potential clients. The component is easily integrable with any design of your choice.

Key advantages


  • Maximize brand awareness by integrating the solution's frontend components with corporate design.
  • Improve brokerage transparency by allowing all web visitors to navigate the user trading history of your most successful clients.
  • Rearrange user ranking order by equity, subscriber count, performance fees, and more.
  • Browse statistical charts, graphs, and tables for the performance of all publicly listed trading accounts.

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