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Brokeree Solutions integrates with CMC Markets Connect

The rapidly growing trading industry and ever-increasing competition consistently compel brokers to expand their product offers and look for the best trading conditions for their clients. This has increased the demand for a wide portfolio of trading instruments and high-tech solutions that can aggregate quotes from several sources. 

Aiming to make the brokerage business efficient and competitive, Brokeree Solutions provides brokers with turn-key products while continually extending its network of supported liquidity providers. With that intent, Brokeree recently announced the integration of its multi-server Liquidity Bridge solution with CMC Markets, a global market access provider for banks, brokerages, funds, and dealing desks. The integration with CMC Connect will now allow brokers to expand their trading instruments offering by accessing more than 10,000 trading symbols, including currency pairs, metals, indices, energy, commodities, equities and cryptocurrencies.

Extended functionality of the Liquidity Bridge, like symbol mapping and advanced order routing, allows brokers to customize rules for specific security, accurately configure markups for new symbols, and provide their clients with DMA.

Request a full list of supported integrations via [email protected]

Learn more about Liquidity Bridge here.

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