Liquidity Bridge for MetaTrader: #1 Solution for ECN brokers

Brokeree’s Liquidity Bridge a sophisticated solution that is easy to use with hybrid a/b-book, multi-server connection and smart liquidity aggregation.

Recent trends show an increase in trader interest towards ECN brokers. In order to meet the demands and expectations of traders, forex brokers are continually seeking out optimal offers on liquidity, carefully regarding both the financial and technical aspects of available solutions.

In some cases, these procedures can bring about a whole series of internal changes. As the business model shifts to accommodate new STP order execution, the dealing desk incorporates new processes and methods in its daily routine. All this happens while the risk management department works to assess the effects on the company as a whole.

It’s no secret that 2018 was burdened with heavy restrictions, tough bans, and strict limitations on marketing activities. It is always complicated to adjust to the new order of things while maintaining existing project plans within a company. Luckily, despite the new challenges, there is a way around the problem. These developments give brokers the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective and try out new solutions specifically designed to simplify daily brokerage operations.

Brokeree’s Liquidity Bridge solution was designed to be robust, effective, and intuitive in configuration. Most importantly, it allows brokers to connect to several liquidity providers simultaneously.

Smart liquidity aggregation allows for seamless order execution even when one of the integrated LPs is experiencing delays. Brokeree’s Liquidity Bridge is programmed to choose the best ask/bid price to ensure tight spreads based on the most favourable quotes being streamed to the platform.

The dealing division is the true highlight of the Liquidity Bridge by Brokeree Solutions. The automation of processes such as A/B booking per single trade work to eliminate potential risk.

The solution is managed via a user-friendly web interface, allowing brokers to asses market depth, set up mark-up per symbol, and assign routing rules to stream the required liquidity to a specified MetaTrader server.

In order to keep Liquidity Bridge processes transparent, the reporting module is embedded into the core of the solution, allowing for detailed information to be saved for every execution. The reports can be used for more in-depth analyses of liquidity provider quality and the better understanding of the overall trading activities of customers.

One of the solution’s most prominent and topical key functionalities is the ability to connect to multiple MetaTrader servers concurrently. The feature allows brokers to manage all their servers in one place, ensuring full control over incoming liquidity.

Forex brokers who are considering upgrading to the MT5 platform need no worry about re-configuring routing rules and margin settings, as those will work perfectly well regardless of which trading platform version you choose.

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