MT4/MT5 Bridge

MT4/MT5 Bridge software has quickly become an industry staple that allows forex brokers to provide experienced traders with a reliable channel to execute trades on the forex market. Brokeree’s multi-functional MT4/MT5 Liquidity Bridge solution combines advanced A/B book trade execution, smart liquidity aggregation, and risk management.

Key Advantages

Functional Web UI

  • Brokeree’s MT4/MT5 Bridge includes a clear, fast, and concise web user interface that allows forex brokers to connect to liquidity providers, configure settings, download reports, and much more.
  • The sleek web-based control panel gives brokers and dealing desks the opportunity to edit user parameters distantly from any device.
  • Brokeree’s MT4/MT5 Bridge market watch allows administrators to monitor all liquidity provider quotes and view market depth per symbol.


  • Brokeree’s MT4/MT5 Bridge has a flexible routing system that allows brokers to choose between hedging client trades at a liquidity provider or b-booking trades at the current price of the LP according to predetermined attributes (e.g. by day, time, client position, account number, account group, and symbol).
  • With Brokeree’s MT4/MT5 bridge solution, brokers are not limited to just one MT4/MT5 server. Instead, they have the option to connect all of their servers to a single gateway instance and configure all parameters in one place.

Advanced Functionality

  • The turnkey risk management module allows forex brokers to A/B book single trades, aggregate liquidity providers, as well as configure MT4 and MT5 servers all in one place.
  • The MT4/MT5 bridge has an advanced aggregation engine, making it possible to add multiple feed and trade symbols to one MT4 symbol to aggregate liquidity. As a result, the best bids/asks are incorporated in the client quote generation process.


  • When using Brokeree’s MT4/MT5 liquidity bridge solution package, forex brokers have the ability to attract experienced traders by connecting to multiple liquidity providers, ensuring their clients receive the best quality service.
  • The reporting system includes advanced search functionality, making it possible to easily find and examine past trades in the MT4/MT5 bridge UI.


  • The Brokeree MT4/MT5 bridge solution is a cost-effective solution with a guaranteed fixed price and no additional volume fees.


  • The Brokeree support team works around the clock to help forex brokers install, configure, customize, and maintain their MT4/MT5 bridge solution.